We are DreamLogistics

"We are Dream, we are not like everyone else. To dare to go our way, to dare to create conditions outside the box, to dare to see the individual, to dare to invest in startups but at the same time be involved in developing major companies. To dare… to me that is DreamLogistics. "

” That we have a family feeling in the warehouse is something I often hear during visits. For me, that is the greatest compliment. To get to have a good gut feeling and working with wonderful colleagues is something I am passionate about. Since we were three people, we have tried to preserve the strong we-feeling that is still one of DreamLogistics greatest assets."

"What makes us the most interesting is the combination of our background as an e-commerce company together with our knowledge as web developers. To my knowledge, there is no other company that offers this service. That’s the feedback I get from our partners. To me, that is logtech."

”DreamLogistcs are at the forefront of combining IT with Logistics creating a next level service for our customers. This re-shaping of a traditional logistics provider into a technology driven service, combined with a fantastic company culture made it an easy decision to join the team."


This is the year, the first faltering steps towards what would become Dream Logistics, were taken. A new logistics and customer service setup was implemented for the first e-commerce customer. At this point, we had no idea what kind of journey we just embarked on.


With just a few clients, the three friends Jonas, Lars and Tommy, started DreamLogistics in a small basement establishment.


The company moves from the small establishment to a 900 m2 facility. The first employee is hired and our very own WMS-system, DreamPack is developed.


The company expands rapidly in the new warehouse facility. We now have more than 50 e-commerce clients and open up new facilities.


Dream Logistics AB is founded, it has until now functioned within the mother company. A completely new organizational structure takes form, and we feel like we’re becoming a proper company.


A very successful partnership with surrounding municipalities, Arbetsförmedlingen and Försäkringskassan is launched. Now work is starting with processing, VAS and repackaging.


The expansion continues. An old, 5000m2, candy factory in Habo gets new life as an e-commerce warehouse.


The first automatizations are in operation. We have now reached 100 clients.


A 15000 m2 warehouse in Ängelholm is up and running. “Skåne is amazing” We have now reached 100 employees.


2018 is the year of new records. Growth (+84%) number of clients (175) Orders during Black week (400,000) number of employees (170)


Reach logistics, with its 27,000 m2 3PL-facility, in Borås is acquired. A fully automated warehouse and the right conditions calls for further expansion. We simultaneously acquire Reach logistics spedition in Gothenburg. We are now experts in all areas of logistic solutions.


2020 meant that e-commerce completely exploded and new records set. At the same time, it was difficult with B2B flows and the signing of new customers did not go as fast as earlier. Still a new record year and great new contracts to be started in 2021. Sales: SEK 350 million.

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