Automation, you've probably heard the word once or twice, but what is it really?

For our customers, automation means speed, flexibility and customer value. With the help of our extensive experience in automation, we help our customers mainly to get customer orders out faster and more securely. Automation is not a word for us, but it means that we develop the best customer-unique solution for our customers. In other words, we do not develop a single solution that we then adapt for all our customers.

Automation can be difficult to understand and form an idea about, so it is best to visit us and see how everything works. We will nonetheless try to explain how the different parts can be designed.

Our shuttle solution is the most advanced automation we have. Here we combine storage, picking and partial packaging in one. The system holds thousands of trays which in turn are divided into warehouses spaces where we store the customers goods. When an order comes in, the right tray is sent to a picking station where goods are picked for transport to packaging. With this system, you can get up to around 500 orders per station and hour. To clarify: 500 order lines is incredibly fast!

With the help of our own WMS in combination with self-developed Roboplocks (hand scanners), we can control picking patterns, single picking, multiple picking, DiPa, batch picking and much more. We make the manual picking more automated, more digital and thus get an incredibly efficient flow. Often, with the help of Roboplock, we can reach a higher output than both Autostore and Shuttle solutions.

Vertical Lifts
Together with our supplier, we have developed a combination of systems that together have become very effective. Trays are presented to the picker which pick the order with the help of a pick-to-light solution. Critical for whether we choose to use this method is the type of products our customer has as well as the SKU structure and stock composition.

KNAPP Flowrack
A system of conveyor belts where picking trays are automatically pushed out for each order. The trays then go around in a closed system and stop in the zones where picking is to take place, assisted by a pick-by-light solution. After picking is complete the order goes back to the original position where either automated or manual packaging takes place. This suits customers with fewer SKUs but with a high order flow.

For packaging, we have a range of different solutions that are adapted to our customers’ needs. Everything from small efficient solutions to the large machines over 40 meters long, where all orders are 3D-scanned and packaging is created in real time.

The combination of solutions is what is key, and it is common for our customers to use different packaging options.

The record for the number of packed orders was during Black Friday, where the combination of solutions meant that we packed one order per second.

Our WMS together with information from our customers ERP, e-commerce platforms and other systems decides which carrier to use. Our WMS handles all TA and with the help of automated addressing we ensure that our customers can use all our transport options. In addition to the information from the system, we can also control the choice of transport company based on value, weight, volume, package, recipient, country, customs and much more.

Finally sorting takes place, and with our sorting facilities we can control sorting on several different levels. All so that it is as efficient as possible all the way through the process.

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