We have worked together with Klarna for several years and we reccomend Klarna to all our customers. Klarna handles, for example, invoice payments for e-commerce companies and is a must have for success, according to us.

WooCommerce is built on WordPress and is completely free of charge. There is no issue connecting to us when using this solution.

Magentos open-source solution is very popular with over 200,000 shops worldwide. We automatically connect your shop to our logistics system.

We connect to Specter’s web-based business system using API and in a simple matter administrate your logistics. Specter is a great choice and work very well with DreamLogistics.

Our customers who chose to use Schenker get a very efficient delivery solution at a good price. Most of Schenker’s shipments are domestic.

Postnord handles a big portion of our packages and pallet deliveries. We have a great collaboration with Postnord which is beneficial for you as a customer.

Instabox was founded 2015. More than half of Sweden’s population can use their smart lockers for their deliveries today. This is a business partner DreamLogistigs is happy to work with.

FedEx handles our small packages and deliveries worldwide. Fast deliveries at good prices.

We ship worldwide with DHL. They also offer pallet, – and bulk shipping.

Budbee has revolutionized the home delivery branch since 2016. They offer their service to 25 million people in Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark.

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