Customer service

We offer availability and the help your customers need when reaching out to a customer service, with big flexibility and a custom-made solution by well-proven case management systems. We strive to answer, help and spread the experience of your brand in the best way possible.

We strive to facilitate for you as our partner in everything we do, so that you can put all focus on your core operation. Our work with customer service is very beneficial since we are close to the warehouse and we have easy access to the IT department if needed. This makes it easier for us to find answers to any questions or information the end customer inquires about, such as order information or tracking through for example, our WMS.

We offer several ways of contact which you are free to combine, or just pick one, the one that suits your customers the best.

Email is the most common source of contact for customers. There benefits with email are many but for the customer looking for a fast answer, this option might come across as slow. This is why email is commonly mixed with other sources of contact.

Phone contact can create a sense of security as the customers get to speak directly with us. This allows us to quickly help the customer. The response time is significantly shorter then through other sources of contact. The phone is a very powerful tool for reaching out to dissatisfied customers.

Some other options are, chat, social media and help center. Availability online becomes more and more common since many customers appreciate direct contact, usually combined with a more traditional source of contact. To set up a help center means to build a knowledge bank based on the most frequently asked questions which we than collect on one page. This makes is easier for customers to find the answer themselves before reaching out to customer service.

We work with omnichannel which means that all contacts end up in the same place. This means that the same agents, which becomes experts on your products, will answer all inquiries.

What happens when customer service is closed?

The customer is informed by a pre-recorded message on phone, or an automatic message on digital channels, when our customer service is available for questions. We can also provide useful guidance with your brand as consignor.

We would love to give a clearer picture of what our customer service solution can do for your business. Send in a message through our contact form below, or reach out directly to one of our sellers, their contact information can be found on our contact page.

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