We know how important the packaging is to the brand. That is why we offer a wide selection of both cardboard boxes, e-commerce bags and mailing bags from what we call our standard supply, to complete custom branded solutions according to your wishes and need. We collaborate with several packaging suppliers and, together we can solve almost anything.

Thanks to automation, we have several machines creating the packaging according to the size of the products being shipped. We use, for example 3D scanning where a machine reads the size of the products, to have a custom packaging for each order.

We strive to always have the highest percent possible of recycled materials in our packages and our packing material, both when it comes to paper and plastic. Our work with sustainability plays a big part when it comes to size of packaging. Our automation calculates exactly how much packaging is needed for each parcel in order for us to send as little air as possible. We also carry a wide selection of packaging in our regular picking and packing station to easily find a suitable size.

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