Pick and pack

All incoming orders are handled in our own WMS system DreamPack, which we integrate with your system. Among other things, DreamPack checks the availability of the products in the order before it is sent out for picking in the right picking environment.

Please read more about which systems we can integrate with here.

We have several picking environments, both automated solutions, shelves and pallet racks. Sometimes several environments are combined depending on what suits your product range best. Even if picking is done by different methods depending on the solution we set up for you, the products are always checked against barcodes to ensure that the right product is picked to the right order.

After the order is picked, it is moved to the packing station. Here we adapt the packaging based on the routines and requirements we have agreed upon. From standard packing, special routines for products that require different labeling to completely brand-unique solutions. Here we can also add the shipping note, return label and any offers or other items that you wish to be attached. DreamPack checks that we use the right packaging and the right method of transport. After we put on the shipping label, the package is sent to one of our sorting facilities and awaits collection.

Please read more about our different packaging here.

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