We do an integration between our system and our customer system. The foundation of an amazing collaboration, from a tech perspective, lies within what data we can exchange.

We have a great experience in this field with over 10 years and several hundred system integrations. We are counted as some of the leading experts in the field when it comes to system integrations. Regardless of if we push you as a customer towards the latest modern complete integration, or if your system can support a simpler solution, our aim is always to deliver the best.

At our warehouse we strive to let technology do the work, regardless of allocation algorithm or transforming 100 ton of metal into a smart picking robot. We have the desire to push technology towards using AI and 3D-modelling. This is what we truly think will benefit the end consumer in the future, as this gives faster and more environmentally friendly solutions for production. Feel free to read more about our automation.

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