With consideration for both the human and the planet

The base for our operation is engagement and competence within each coworker. Creating a working environment that is inclusive, where each coworker has the same opportunity to reach their full potential, is the very core of our corporate culture. We take social responsibility with our close partnership with Arbetsförmedlingen, functional impairment support and local associations. We do this enable equal success and possibility to be the best version of yourself for all our coworkers.

We have established our own plan of education – Dream Academy. With this we can ensure competence development in our coworkers as well as maintain and develop our high-quality service level.

Our focus is to understand you as a customer, your business, your needs, and your challenges. It is when, we become part of your team, when we aim for the same goals and when we can put your wishes first, we will succeed – Together.

Our key initiative for improvement is to never stand still. Part of branding yourself a growth company is to constantly adapt and evolve. Our improvement work can never stop. In striving to achieve a maximal customer value and flawless services we document and continuously improve our processes. We will establish, operate, and follow up on all measurable goals.

Quality is something that has defined us since the start. We are under constant vast development and growth, but we can never ever depart from the guidelines in our quality policy:

  • Quality in everything we do and deliver comes first.
  • We are not the judge of our quality – We are judged by our clients’ customers.
  • Quality requires constant maintenance
  • A constant work of quality does not cost money – It generates money.

Our goal is to be the leading company within environmental management. We shall run an operation characterized by our responsibility towards our coworkers, the society, and the environment. We shall always, as a minimum, stay within the rules and regulations concerning the environment. We shall, continuously, improve our environmental work, and the goal is to be the leading company within our branch. We expect, and demand, from all our partners to work together with us to fulfill our ambitions regarding the environment. A central demand in all agreements signed with our external partners in therefore regarding the environment.

DreamLogistics shall:

  • Prioritize eco-labeled and environmentally friendly products if it is financially justifiable.
  • Keep a well-defined collaboration with our suppliers regarding the environment.
  • Keep the environment in consideration when evaluating new products and technics.
  • Strive to always have the correct eco-labeling on all our products.
  • Keep our coworkers informed in our ongoing work regarding the environment through information and collaboration.

We have no personal transportation. All shipping of goods is carried out by external couriers such as the Swedish Postnord along with many others. The transport industry in general, and our couriers in specific, all focus on environmental work and actively work to minimize CO2 emissions. We demand that our couriers are certified according to ISO 14001.

Our mail packaging supplier is eco-certified. All plastic used is environmentally friendly, can be burnt and used again without emitting dangerous gases. We always purchase the environmentally friendly options if possible.

We set up new point of improvement together with our controller of consumption yearly to minimize our energy consumption. The target is, and shall always be, that we can reduce our energy consumption in our offices and warehouses. We have a system monitoring our energy consumption and our heat and ventilations is regulated by a timer.

We have demands on our couriers to be environmentally friendly. This is something we take for granted and wish everyone else did as well.

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